Thursday, July 23, 2009

and the usual shadiness...

Muckraker is back to his usual... "super attentive/I'm going to ignore you now" ways.

Super attentive on Tuesday (and slightly shady... having to leave at 9pm for some mysterious "something else"). Asking if we could get together on Wed...

... Standing me up on Wed... (well, standing me up may be too harsh-- he said "Let me stop by sometime, and then late in the afternoon said he was running behind on stuff, could we meet on Friday." Sure, I said.)

Wed night party... Totally shady... taking a year off to do... "something I can't talk about..." (so he won't be graduating with our class after all.)... Randomly ignoring me.... Overheard him talking to a mutual friend about some girl-- sounded like he was setting up a date with her... (Which, for eff's sake, if he's as shady with potential girlfriends as he is with his "friends"... well, let's just say, "I know why you're single.")

Ugh. Can't stand any of it.

I've promised Npapaya I won't mention him to her anymore. (Which is a good thing, really. Because what is there left to say? It's been like 9 months of the same hot/cold shit.)

But, he is still under my skin.

Perhaps random making out with other people will make me want to stop scratching this particular itch.

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