Thursday, July 23, 2009

I kissed a girl, and I liked it

Yes, I did. (Not that shocking actually, and not the first time.) and I kissed a guy and I liked it better! And then I kissed another girl.

....spin the bottle!....

Am I a little too old for it? Yes... But when you've had a few too many, and you're with your grad school friends in a podunk town, there's not much else to do to pass the time, eh?

Sad part is? It was the most action I've gotten in 8 months. Sadder part? It was BETTER action than I've got 8 months ago.


The thing is that I could actually really go for some random making out. The guy I kissed does NOT do it for me AT ALL, but he was a really surprisingly good kisser. Looks can be deceiving, eh? I did kinda want to keep going at it though.

Sometimes I just want a bit of human connection.

Sometimes I wish I was more of a skank.
(Did I mention I was raised Baptist? Part of the reason I just don't sleep around is that I can't get rid of those last vestiges of guilt. I need to know someone FOREVER in order to feel comfortable.)

I do really just need to get it on with someone.... (Again, tragically, the one I want to get it on with is Muckraker. Though, as I think about it, I don't know that he'd be much good in bed. He is rather boney.) I do think about Science guy... I think science guy would probably be quite good...

... though, I do have a friend who just (FINALLY!) came out of the closet, who is convinced Science Guy is also in the closet.... Would be my pattern.

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