Friday, July 17, 2009

Um, sorry. Not likely!

Ha ha ha!

Sometimes I check the search terms people use to find my blog. Most are pretty ordinary, (For some reason Soulmate seems to come up a lot, though as far as I can tell, I only ever used it in one post. Apparently people want to find out how to meet their soulmates. Shocking, I know. Sorry kids... (If you're reading this because you just googled "How to find you're soulmate," and I'm pretty sure you must have to land on this page... You're shit out of luck. Because I haven't a clue. Do let me know if you figure out the secret though, M'kay? That would be helpful!))

I had to laugh out loud though at the search phrase someone typed in recently though: "If you're single it could be because you're too hot."

Ha ha ha!

No, sweetie. I can GUARANTEE that's not it. Here are some reasons that are MUCH more likely:
  • It might be because you THINK you're too hot.
  • Or maybe because you're conceited and narcissistic.
  • Or because your idea of "hot" is in fact pretty damn fugly (though, I have seen people out there I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole who are damned happily coupled up.),
  • or maybe it's because you think you're only "deserving" of people who are of equal hotness.
  • Or perhaps because you haven't bothered to develop other personality traits because you're so damned hot.
Any one of these reasons is about 1000% more likely than just being "too hot" to find a date.
Believe me. And if you don't, ask a friend. (A really, really good one. Like, one who will not only tell you you have spinach in your teeth, but who won't feel bad about picking it out of your teeth for you.) If you don't have such a friend, this would also be an indication as to why you are single. Get working on that, will you?

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