Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy (Month Early) Birthday to Me.

When Jedi has money in his pocket he is seemingly incapable of keeping it there. He has good intentions about saving but his generous impulses get the best of him.

I've been doing my best to keep him from spending his tax refund ($3,000). I don't know how much is actually left! Most of it, I think... but... who knows. He wanted to buy me an engagement ring with some of it, but I told him I'd rather he saved $100 a month and save the $3000 for an emergency fund. (Note: The ring we looked at is only $900... no way would I let him spend a ton on a ring!)

Well there were 2 examples of his generosity last night--

The first is that I need to get my sliding doors replaced. Ugh-- they are SO bad. They are terribly draughty and create a constant mold problem. It just can't go on! So, I got some quotes and it will probably be about $3,000 to get them replaced. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! (Did I mention that I have $6,000 of Credit Card debt from being in school that I'm hoping to pay off this year? Grr! Additionally, my car is going to die any day now, and I need to be prepared to replace it.)

I was mentioning this to Jedi and he said, "Well, if I pay $1500, and you pay $1500, that's doable." And I replied, "What do you mean, you'd pay $1500?" He said, "Well, I live here too, I'll enjoy the new doors, and we're a team."

I said, "I can't let you do that!" (While my brain was telling my mouth, SHUT IT!)
He said, "Why not?"
I said, "Because it's way too much!"
He said, "Well, what if I pay 1/3."
I said, "Let's talk about it again when we get all the quotes in."

So... I have thought about it... I think I'm going to let him pay 1/2 if that's what he wants to do. I hadn't intended on doing that, but I realized that I really am subsidizing his life. $1500 over the course of the year is not even everything it would cost him in terms of electric/ heat/ cable/ fees etc.

I still feel guilty about it though...

As for the second generous thing--
(Oh! One other thing you should know about Jedi is that he is incapable of NOT giving someone a gift he's just bought them... even if that gift is for a birthday a month away!)

There's a book I love called "The Lost Queen of Egypt." I read it in 5th grade and it CONSUMED me. It was from the middle school library and I always renewed my borrowing rights and never let it out of my hands. Then... tragically... in between 5th and 6th grades the library location moved and they either lost (or weeded-- it was a book from the 1930s) that book! I was DEVASTATED! You think I exaggerate? I had hand-copied paintings and drawings from that book a hundred times... In journals I still have, I have all of those drawings. I made not one, but TWO plaster masks based on the main heroine of the book. *sigh* I LOVED that book.

Well, I mentioned it to Jedi awhile back when we were at an antique shop and I added that whenever I go into stores that carry old books I always keep an eye out for that book. I mentioned that a copy would come up on Amazon every once in awhile, but it was usually around $100-150, which was CrAzY. I figured at an antique shop or used book store they might not really realize how valuable that book is. Every time we went to an old store after that he would check out the book section to see if they had it, though I had long ago given up hope that it would turn up.

So you see where this is going? My birthday is a month away, but yesterday Jedi presented me with a copy of that book. He was so excited he couldn't wait.

*sigh* Be still my heart! I was REALLY, REALLY touched. (And wanted to yell at him for being so extravagant! CRAZY PERSON!) When I told him he really, really shouldn't have spent that kind of money he said, "It's not just for you. Someday I want you to read it to our child." (I know, that should freak me out a little... and it's a bit schmaltzy, but I am not too proud to admit it brought a tear to my eye and melted my frozen heart.)


Something She Said Once said...
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Something She Said Once said...

That is bloody adorable!!! (Plus as someone in the field of literature...I always appreciate love of/gifts of/rememberances of excellent books :P)