Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not a Controversy, just an update

It's ControverSunday so I feel like I should write something controversial. I've also been neglecting my blog of late because my job makes me want to kill myself and I've got no energy to do anything but collapse.

Hating my job is not exactly controversial, I know. A lot of people hate their jobs. I was thisclose to quitting on Friday. I've been on disability leave for a month and I asked for a day off... this coming JUNE... and my boss responded by saying that I've been passing my work off onto other people and this is unacceptable... etc. I was LIVID... and upset... and crying all day.

I'm just SOOOO DONE with this job. It leaves me unable to think,breathe, do ANYTHING other than work and stress about work. I've made no progress on my thesis (Which I just want to FINISH ALREADY.)

In the midst of all this though Jedi showed again just how amazingly sweet he is-- I'd spoken with him on the phone about how upset I was and he came home with flowers and ice cream for me. He really is thoughtful. (Oh, and he just made me a sandwich! Cause I said I was hungry! What a gem! And he did the dishes before I got up this morning! I'm so in love!)

Is that selfish of me? To love him in large part because of how much he does for me? It makes such a difference in my life though-- and I find it such an important demonstration of love. I think if he wasn't constantly going OVERBOARD my general inclination would be to doubt the sincerity of his words. His actions make how much he cares about me indesputible though.

So... a controversy... I feel like I should be able to think about one.... But I've got a migraine, so I'm going back to bed. Talk amongst yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Mmm...controversial ice cream. :)

For the record, I don't think it's wrong to love him for the love he shows you. It's not like you're collecting cars and jewelry from the guy. He's sweet and thoughtful, and that's how he won you over. :)

日日夜夜 said...
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ajgallion said...

Love your description in the profile, LOL! And I suppose Jedi spoils you...don't think that's so controversial. Sounds nice!

Hypatia said...

Perpetua-- I have been known to get into beat-down arguments about which is the best Ben& Jerry's flavor. (BTW- It's Phish Food, hands down.) Ha!

ajgallion-- Thanks for stopping by!