Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Because I left my car at my grandparents' place when I drove Jedi to the hospital, I've been without a car for 2 weeks now. My Dad is bringing his trailer and dropping off my car on Saturday, but still-- that's a long time.

Because I've needed to use Jedi's car, he's not really gone home in the past 2 weeks. (Hence, part of my suspicion that this is a devious ploy to move in with me... (mostly kidding.)) I actually haven't gotten (too) sick of him, which is unusual. On the other hand, I'm discovering more and more of his annoying habits--- which, most, while endearing now, will drive me nucking futs in the near future, I can tell. One of those habits is that he falls asleep at 9pm... but he *seems* awake. As in, I'll be having a conversation with him.... and all of a sudden all I hear is, "Bfthhhht...."

It's not really snoring--- it's more like sleep-talking. So, I'll think I'm still carrying on a conversation with him, but his answers won't make any sense and he won't remember a thing I've said. Annoying!

Another annoying thing... (And I have no one but myself to blame for this...) is that we bought a Wii together. (I know, expensive purchase. I told him that when we break up he can visit it every other weekend. Ha ha! He didn't find that funny for some reason... ;-) Now, I know he's a hard-core gamer. I dabble in gaming. I enjoy it-- I can even get engrossed in a particular game or two-- Like Mario or Zelda-- but not to the point that I lose track of time and what's going on around me. Well-- let's just say that since we got the Wii.... there's a whole lot less attention on ME! Whereas before he would sit and watch a movie with me, or we'd make dinner together, now he's all, "Yeah, I'll be there in a few! Just give me a minute."

Sheesh. Shot myself in the foot with that one.

We had dinner with his parents and sister on Sunday. His mom made a really nice dinner, and decorated the house for Christmas. I really, really like his mom. She's very sweet and thoughtful... (and she's hemming some of my dresses!) We'd brought over the Wii to his parents' place and after dinner everyone played. I think I like his mom because in a some ways--- decorating style, cooking style-- she's a lot like my mom.... but she's a lot more low-maintenance than my mom, and a lot less judgemental.

I told Jedi that I'd love to do that every Sunday with his family (which he was excited about...But I told him I'm not inviting myself over.) I think he's going to ask his mom about making it a standing thing though.

So... all-in-all... things are pretty good and humming along!


Perpetua said...

I do the sleep-talking, too! And it drives Y nuts! He thinks he's having a conversation with me, and I'll remember none of it the next day. As far as I can tell, it is always going to drive you crazy. On behalf of sleep-talkers everywhere, I apologize. :)

As for the standing date with the fam, that's awesome. It can be so hard to get along with families, so that is a pretty big deal.

Hypatia said...

Yeah, his family is one of the things I like best about him! I feel like that's a home-run right there, and worth a lot! (esp. after reading your encounters with your M-in law!)