Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Resurfacing Exs (and former flames)

Muckraker just called. Yanno. Just to chat. Just to shoot the breeze. Just to mention that something I had written had made him laugh. And so he wanted to call and tell me that.

In other news, Jedi's Ex girlfriend ( we'll call her Cruddy. Because that's kind of her name. I also find it funny that Ramses also nicknamed her Cruddy, and we've never talked about her with each other...) has been in touch with him.

Now, I'm not the jealous type. I really don't mind if he's in touch with his ex's, but there are ex's and EX's if you know what I mean.

Cruddy is effing INSANE. She dated Jedi when he was 19.... and she wsa 34. I'm sorry, but that is some effed up shit. There was all sorts of other crazy stuff about her... she's Wiccan (um. not that there's anything wrong with that... but. um... you know how some of those Wiccans can get...) She's been married 5 times... she's super clingy... She kept trying to get Jedi to sleep with her again after they'd broken up he'd wised up and dumped her.

Jedi posted some pictures on his facebook page of the two of us... and Cruddy commented on them... rather inappropriately. Cruddy's 15 year old daughter commented on them telling Jedi that he looked really handsome. Cruddy called him 2x in the last few weeks... Just to -- yanno-- catch up. And to let him know she's getting divorced... for the 6th time.


She totally wants him again, and she's still totally gross.

I told Jedi that if he wanted to be in touch with her, that was fine, but that he really shouldn't encourage her... and that she's totally coming onto him. He agreed and said he was going to cut off contact.

Except... That he didn't. In fact, not only did he cut off contact, but he initiated it. For a totally ridiculous reason. He claimed he needed advice on how to properly cite sources.

This led to our first fight.

Um... HELLO! Who is currently working on a Master's and has about a MILLION essays under her belt? Oh yeah. that would be ME. NOT CRUDDY.

He was like... "I know, I know... I called everyone else in my address book before I called her. I couldn't find info on how to cite for these special circumstances online."

I pointed out that I was hurt that he thought of calling her before he thought of calling me.

Then... The telling remark... "I was embarrassed to tell you I didn't know how to do it."


I don't know how to get him over that particular hurdle other than to tell him that he can come to me with stuff like that. No one is born knowing how to cite.

Anyway... no voices were raised and we calmly talked though it, so probably a good 1st fight... But GRRR! I want to call Cruddy and tell that skeezbag to get lost.
Don't worry. I won't. That's not my fight.


arf said...

I consider myself smart and well educated, and I can't remember proper citation syntax for the life of me. I always have to look it up, or use some software like NoodleBib or Endnote. NoodleBib saved my ass countless times in graduate school.

If he's got access to NoodleBib (or some similar software) through his school - he should totally use that. It's BRILLIANT.

Perpetua said...

Da-a-amn, what is in the air? Not one but two of my husband's exes resurfaced on fb, as did one of mine.

I don't want to pass judgment or anything, but unless you're Liz Taylor, you shouldn't go past the three-marriage mark. That, to me, seems like the point at which you should look at yourself and say, "hmm, I guess marriage and I just don't get along."

He should have gone to the prof or the writing lab before going to her, so you're totally in the rights to be upset. And you're handling it WAY better than a lot of people would have, so props to you!

Hypatia said...

Yup, yup, Yup! I pointed out that even Microsoft Word has a citation function now, so there's no excuse.

He was appropriately contrite, so I'll let this pass... but DAMN is that woman inappropriate!