Saturday, October 11, 2008

By popular acclaim...

Well, I'm only posting this because there's been so much demand for it.... :-p (ok, ok, only one demand for it (hi arf!), but that will sufice!)

I went out with Science Guy last night. I met him on eharmony, he's in the process of moving here and his company flew him out to find an apartment.

I wasn't sure what to expect because based on pictures he didn't seem like he'd be my type. Still, we'd had a good email exchange back and forth and I figured, "what the hell."
So, it turns out that he's really not photogenic-- at all-- but in person I found him attractive.

It's funny though, because I can say that Atlas is actually much more attractive than Science Guy-- I think objectively most people would agree on that, but I found myself more attracted to Science Guy... based on his build I think. He's taller and more solidly built, and since I'm not a tiny thing, it seems like a better fit somehow, physically I mean.

I took him on a walking tour of the campus where I work and I was much more talkative than I should have been on a first date, I think, but the truth is I didn't really care all that much since I went into it with no expectations.

I looked like crap actually, didn't have time to redo my makeup, wearing perhaps not the most flattering clothes (yes, I need to do laundry!), and I was hoping the evening would be over quickly because I had a ton of other things to be doing.

I ended up having a very good time with Science Guy though, and after our walk he asked if I'd have dinner with him, his treat (important for later in the story.)

I said yes, of course, and rattled off the restaurants in town. He picked the most expensive ($25 entrees) place in town, which I objected to as being too extravegant (To which my friend Ro replied, "What's your problem! It's a free dinner! You should have ordered 2 entrees!"), but he insisted.

We had a good conversation, and I enjoyed myself.

There were a couple of red flags for me though-- don't know if I'm making too much out of it, if it should/shouldn't be an issue, so I welcome your thoughts!

#1) He encouraged me to order dessert, and when I said I couldn't, he said that it was on his company, to go ahead. To which my mind went "WTF?! SHADY!".... So, basically after he said dinner was his treat, it turns out he was expensing it to his company because he was in town on business. Ro didn't see a problem with this, but I found it ethically problematic. Any differing opinions?

#2) He's not a US citizen (He's from Bombay originally), but I asked him who he would vote for if he could vote. He said he didn't know (which, really, WTF?!), that if McCain hadn't picked Palin as a running mate he might have given McCain some thought. (Which, frankly, what is there to think about?! McCain is a fear-mongering whack-a-loon.) So... worrisome!

#3) Money. Rather, how he spends it. So, Ro is like, "What's your problem, it's not YOUR money." No, it's not, but it does give me pause. He seems not to worry about it, which to my mind means he's either really good with money, or really bad with it. For example, of the places he's looking at-- the cost of the apartments are CRAZY! Easily the cost of a mortgage on a decent house 2x over! And he's looking to buy a new car... apparently a BMW. And he says he never does laundry--- he sends everything out to a laundry service. Now, it could be that he does all of that and still puts a large chunk away in savings... or it could be that he does all that and spends to the last penny and then some. At the moment I have no way of knowing, but it does make me wonder.

So, the above things make it sound like I've written him off, but I haven't. The truth is I had a fun time with him, and--frankly-- I even wanted to make out with him a little. I'm certainly wary about him... much more so than I am with Atlas.

Atlas seems like an all around, super nice guy. A guy who would never break your heart, who would never treat you poorly, who would always put someone else's needs above his own. All-in-all, the type of guy you want.

Science Guy was perfectly nice, but he seems to have a bit more of an edge. I don't have anything concrete to back it up, but I get the feeling that he could be a bit of an ass at times, and that he's someone who would put his needs and wishes above someone else's .

Like I said, I don't have much to base either impression on at this point, but that's my gut instinct.

Sooooooo....... How am I supposed to make up my mind??? Now I just need to make out with both of them to see how they compare....

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