Sunday, October 26, 2008

So nice it kills me!

Message I just got from Atlas:

Thanks for meeting up with me today. It was beautiful outside, and I had a fun time browsing the books and watching the movie. (stuff about the movie)

So, you're leaving on Wednesday, right? Do you need anyone to take care of the puppy while you are gone? Also, do you need a ride to the airport or anything?


Omigawd... Super nice, right? I mean-- a driving to the airport offer is pretty awesome of him.

Seriously, I thought he was pretty bored today and was going to give me the brush off (which would have been a relief). But no, instead he goes and does something super sweet!

eeek! (I know, you're thinking-- problems? what problems?)-- But I do feel like I'm being very unfair to him! In continuing to go out with him am I implying that I like him more than I do? Probably. Do I hope I can like him more than I do? Yes.

NPapaya said she was rooting for Atlas. Me too!


I know. It's a non-problem kind of problem. But how long do I let this go on and just keep hoping my feelings for him will develop?

How many more dates do I sit through where I spend the time looking at my watch and waiting to leave?



jt said...

No more dates, that's how many. But, you don't get to complain the next time a guy is a jackass.

Seriously, it could be that you're focusing too much on the moment and not letting things go as they will.

The Daily Howl said...

Stop torturing yourself. End it. You're driving me crazy, too. Of course, that may be an added bonus, lol.