Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Really, you might say in your profile that you're single, and well-adjusted, and totally normal....

But if there's a girl in your picture, (Or worse, a girl cropped OUT of your picture!), I'm moving on!

Yes, that girl might be your sister, or cousin, or dog-groomer. But I have no way of knowing which one it is. And frankly, it makes you look like a douche who is trying to show me how popular you are with girls. Just don't.

And if you have so few good pictures that you have to crop a girl out of one to use it for your profile? I don't know that I want to meet you in person... who knows how you'll REALLY look in broad daylight!? (And, actually, it just makes you seem like you're NOT QUITE over that ex. Even if that is only your mama in the photo. That's the vibe you're giving off. And really, is that the vibe you WANT to be giving off?)

Just sayin'........

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