Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obviously going nowhere...

I just wrapped up a date with Atlas, and it was perfectly fine... but sooooo boring! I think he sensed it too. Every minute I was with him I felt like-- "Ok, can I go yet? I'm so bored, and I have a million things to do!"

Terrible, terrible, I know! He's so sweet, and so nice... and I really like him... But I think I have to conclude- "Not in that way."

Which makes me very depressed given that I was just contacted by 4 other guys who are obvious NOs (Though not entertaining enough for this site!)

So, it's like-- why would I throw back a perfectly nice guy, when those are the other options out there?

I know, I'm trying too hard to make this work. It shouldn't be this hard I think.

God, he's so nice.... I hate myself for feeling -- well, nothing!

Do I keep going? Or break this off?

Frankly, I almost get the sense that this is reciprocal, that he thinks I'm perfectly nice, but hasn't found a reason to throw ME back yet! (Though reasons are aplenty, I assure you!) Maybe I should break the ice about this?

On the other hand, I'm leaving on a trip and I'll be gone most of this week and most of next, so perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder. (Or, out of sight, out of mind!)

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