Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Mood

Jedi is in a bad mood and has been for a few days.

Now, when I say, "Bad Mood," Don't imagine other people's bad moods... (e.g. - Mine...) Which involve a lot of yelling and stomping around and banging doors. No, Jedi is such a mellow, nice guy that even in a bad mood it's pretty mild.


I've come to realize how dependent I've come to be on him being in a GOOD mood. When he's in a good mood he's affectionate and attentive and (ok-- this is going to make me sound like a selfish bitch, but he's also DOING stuff for me... Making me dinner, giving backrubs, doing dishes.... Yeah. He's pretty damn awesome...)

When he's in a bad mood he puts on his headphones and kind of checks out. (And stops paying attention to MMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!)

It's actually kind of funny given how when I first started going out with Jedi his constant attentiveness was really irritating. All I wanted was free time and for him to stop being THERE all the time. GACK! What happened to me? I don't want to turn around and be the clingy one and be like, "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!" but that's how I feel.

BTW- Jedi is in a super bad mood because of his job (which is a bad sucky job (with good benefits.) and I'm in a super bad mood because of MY job which is, objectively, not a terrible job, but my boss is placing unreasonable expectations on me which is making it a terrible job. But damn- the benefits are good...)

So, there you have it... perhaps the only person who is NOT in a bad mood in my house at the moment is JoJo, my dog. (Actually, she's probably in a bad mood because Jedi displaced her in my bed. She is not very fond of him...)

Tonight Jedi & I are going to a party with some school friends. I'm hoping it goes well and let's us insert a little levity in our lives.


Perpetua said...

Aw, poor Jedi. :( But at least you know why he's in a bad mood--it's better than having to quiz him or put up with unspecified brooding.

If you two were in the mood to switch careers/move away from where you are, now might be the time. ;)

Hypatia said...

Well, I only know it's his job because he's been complaining about it all week. When he's frustrated he doesn't really share that info...

And we are, believe me, we are...