Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

This picture is from my Chistmas trip to my grandparents' house. I have to go across on the ferry which is a scary proposition when icy water comes in massive waves over the side of the boat!

My Christmas didn't turn out as expected because I came down with... the flu. Damn it! At least it was a mild case, but I've been sick most of vacation. Jedi was supposed to go to his grandparents' place, but he was sick as well-- though his illness was this damned chronic condition that is totally ruining his life at the moment. I personally think he has Crohn's disease, but what the hell do I know? I'm not a doctor. The "real" doctors (I think most of them got their licenses from a cracker jacks box) have done a ton of tests and still can't find anything wrong with Jedi. Nevermind that he is in major pain and runs to the bathroom every five minutes... but beyond that, he's totally fine. Mmm hmmm....

Jedi got me a digital camera for Christmas (in addition to about a million other things!) and I've been using it! I took the picture above with it, and I <3 it!!! It's got a bunch of great functions, including video recording... I wish this blog wasn't anonymous so that I could share Jedi's goofy dance moves with you... but he's made me promise not to show that to ANYONE, let alone you guys.

Things are still going well... I don't know, we've settled into a very staid routine. I wonder if I'll get bored with it, but I'm a pretty simple girl. We hang out, watch movies, (play wii!), clean (well, HE cleans.... just one more reason I <3 him!), make dinner, and he indulges my real housewives addiction.

Oh, I should probably ALSO mention that his ex-girlfriend, Cruddy, has been texting him again!!! She wished him a Happy New Year's at midnight last night. I almost took the phone from him to write to her and tell her to stop! Anyone know how to block someone on an iphone? Jedi claims not to know how. I believe him, but I know it must be possible. He thinks you have to do it through the phone company and have to pay a fee. I don't know...

Anyhoo... a lazy day. I have to get back to my trash tv... the Kardashians are calling!


Perpetua said...

Boo to the flu...and also to the lack of dance footage! Can't you just tape him from the neck down? :)

I asked Wizard re: your ex-text problem, and he says there's no way to block someone unless you hack the phone. Otherwise you'd have to go through the phone company to have a formal block put on a number. Boo on that, too.

Hypatia said...

Thank Wizard for the info! That is annoying though!