Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Right Guy

Hello my faithful readers ... (however many of you are left after my inconsistent posting schedule...!) Work is KICKING my butt and I haven't even started on that thesis I hoped to have a first draft of by now. DAMN IT!

However, I am happy to report that Jedi and I are still doing remarkably well! (I say remarkably because I am a remarkably difficult person to deal with at times, yet he is unfailingly kind and patient with me.)

So... well, that's good! I can't believe we've made it 5 months... that's a record for both of us. And to think, I totally didn't want to waste my time with him at first... good thing I let him get under my skin. He said last night that he thinks he might be too "Nice." I have to say, this is TOTALLY true... But if he hadn't been so nice I wouldn't have kept not being able to find excuses to dump him. (Wow, that was a convoluted sentence-- but you get what I mean.)

We've had a few misunderstandings because he's so nice though-- Such as the time when I picked him up from work at 4:45. I was running late-- I thought his work got out at 4:30. So, I apologized... but he was all, "Are you ok? I thought you'd had an accident or something... " but didn't make a big deal about it AT ALL. I only found out a few days later that he gets out of work at 4pm... not 4:30 (never mind 4:45)... woops! (My cell was out that day, so he couldn't call to see where I was.) I would probably have been extremely annoyed with him, and I would have let him know it right then and there... But, well, he HATES confrontation.

While I appreciate that (having grown up in a household that is very confrontational) I'm working on getting him to express what he's ACTUALLY feeling as opposed to suppressing it.

In OTHER news... Over the break I had breakfast with Science Guy (remember him!?) We had a good time-- he is a nice guy, if a bit clueless oftentimes. He talked about his girlfriend and I talked about Jedi, and we talked about maybe double dating.

Science Guy said... "NO WAY! Jedi will make me look bad!"

True... True... True...

I had mentioned to him that Jedi got me a digital camera (and about a million other things!) for Christmas...

Science Guy started laughing and said, "Do you know what I got my girlfriend for Christmas? A Salt Shaker."


I asked him, "Does she want one? Does she need one? Does she collect them? Is it an inside joke?"
His response, "No. We just had a dollar limit and it fit in the limit and I saw it in the store. I thought it was funny."

He was going to meet up with his girlfriend after our breakfast and give her the gift.

Hmmm.... I should probably touch base with him to see if he's STILL going out with her. HA HA HA....

I think I got the right guy.


arf said...

you definitely won that point.

Perpetua said...

A salt shaker?

No, really? And it's not an inside joke or part of a collection? Yikes.

You have to post what she got him. I hope it was a windshield scraper or something. :)

Hypatia said...

Ha! Perpetua, after you reminded me, I was in touch with him and asked. She got him a picture frame & chocolates (They had a $15 limit.)

She won, I think.

I asked if she dumped him. He said no, she thought the salt shaker was a good conversation starter.

I told him she was lying to him.