Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heaving a Big Sigh

If you'll recall, Muckraker came out of the woodwork asking for a favor the other day.

Whatever-- It wasn't a big deal, so I did it.

He then commented on one of my newly posted pictures on facebook telling me that I looked hot.

Seriously??? (sigh) If he had done that at this time last year I would have been SQQQQUUUUEEEAAALLLIIINNGG with delight. Right now? (sigh) It's not anything I'm going to make a big deal about so I'm not going to respond (and, let's face it, it's always nice to get a compliment--whatever the source.) But wow am I not in the same place I was last year. Betcha y'all are relieved! (Esp. Npapaya!)

(And for those curious, yes, Jedi knows all about it.)

As for Jedi, his douchetastic ex Cruddy (the 35 year old with 6 ex husbands) is still texting him at all hours of the night (midnight, 1 am...) And at all hours of the morning... (6am... 6:30am...) She's also been commenting non-stop on his facebook page. (Yes, Jedi could block her on facebook... but frankly I don't care enough--she's just annoying, I'm not worried about him cheating, and this lets me keep tabs on her comments...)

Jedi says he hasn't been texting her/communicating, and I believe him.

Grrr... One night I contemplated texting her back and saying, "We're in the middle of having sex. Do ya mind?"

Not that it would HELP matters, of course...

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