Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm about ready to kill him...

It's days like today when I think, "Damn. This is NEVER going to work out."

In some ways Jedi reminds me of my mother and sister in that they all have issues with learned helplessness.

Jedi has been complaining about his job since I've known him... yet he's never done JACK SHIT about it.
I've sent him job leads that he's never followed up on. I've sent him example cover letters that he's never used to revise his own. I've sent him example resumes that he's never used as examples.

It is SO frustrating.

This weekend I found a position that would be a great position for him. He's been doing menial work (which bothers me, yes it does, because I'm a classist snob, I admit it,) with no future. The position I found for him is a much better position in many respects-- not the least of which because it offers the possibility of advancement, whereas the job he's currently in is deadendsville.

He's currently in school, yes, but-- frankly, I have MAJOR doubts as to his ability to get a job in the field he's studying. It's not just because he doesn't seem to have much aptitude in those various subjects, but he also lacks motivation.

I, however, am not lacking in motivation-- I have enough for TWO people, dontcha know.

He would have been content to sit around and watch anime (yes, he's a total dork) all day long... but I nagged him (oh, yes, I did,) until he started working on his cover letter and resume.

However... as I mentioned, he is much like my mother and sister... in that it takes me a million years to teach them how to do something that would take me 5 minutes to do myself. And he was doing a totally shitty job on his cover letter and resume. (I'm sorry to say it, and it sounds totally harsh-- but it's the truth. TOTAL SHIT JOB.)

So, what did I do? *sigh* What I probably shouldn't have done-- I took over. Yes, I did. I rewrote his resume and wrote his cover letter from scratch. It took me an hour... if I'd left him to his own devices, it would be sometime next June before he'd be done... and let's face it, it would still be TOTAL SHIT.

Am I annoyed? Yes, yes I am. I suppose I should only be annoyed with myself, but he spent the time I was doing it moping over my shoulder, sighing loudly, and being all, "I don't know how to do this..." PISSED ME OFF.

Then, when it came time to apply online he couldn't figure out how to do that. He was whining-- (to himself, but really to me...) about how he couldn't figure it out-- but that's where I draw the line. He's a grown up, he can figure out how to apply for his own damned job!

I would feel guilty about rewriting everything if the job he's applying for required any writing skills (then it would totally be a lie because, frankly, he can't write worth SHIT,)... but if he can't figure out how to apply for the damned job... frankly, he doesn't deserve it, and I don't want to hear him complain about the one he has anymore.


Does this sound harsh? Maybe... but I have a headache from dealing with him today and it was all I could do not to scream at him to just fucking DO IT already.

Also, I'm irrationally annoyed that when we were with my friends yesterday he was reading something aloud and came across a word he couldn't pronounce. He asked me for help saying, "I've never seen this word before."

The word was IMPECCABLE.


For Fuck's SAKE?

You've never seen/heard the word IMPECCABLE before?



Maybe I'm overreacting, but right now I'm just SOOOOOO thinking we are not a match made in heaven!


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I have no words of advice for you, but I just wanted to say that I completely understand where you're coming from. I can't date someone that isn't above-average intelligence. It would drive me nuts.

Hypatia said...

It is driving me nuts-- Like I said, he's not dumb as much as he's just not knowledgeable. I hope I can learn him some educating right real quick... ha ha.

On a serious note, it's something I considered before delving into this relationship too much. I realized his personal qualities and kindness were worth the leap.