Monday, September 29, 2008

Definitely an Epidemic

Tales of Woe from NPapaya:

So, I met G this afternoon (the 46 yr old from match (mind you, NPapaya is in her early 30s, but this area leads one to one's dating requirements))- he was generally ok.
He seems like a nice guy, not exactly the greatest conversationalist...I asked
him a bunch of questions, but he didn't really reciprocate. Perhaps he thought
I'd just offer up the info in turn? A lot of men seem to do that.
He's not bad
looking per se, but I'm not attracted to him in person. His teeth are not in
great shape and he's got a couple of stubby fingers with bad nails. Oh and that
5'6" he put on match is an overestimate. I'd say he's closer to 5'5"-on a good

Of course, this being my lot in life he's totally willing to go out again. I
have to figure out some way to politely decline b/c this is so not going to

Note the highlighted part above. This selfish conversationalism is definitely an epidemic. I've had this happen on numerous occasions (Notably with soap-making soup-swapper guy. (Have I mentioned him on the blog yet... ? Hmmm... I may need to put that story out there for the rest of the world to enjoy.)

Seriously though! What is with that? Is it just poor socialization? Something they never learned in kindergarten? Evidence of underlying narcissism?

A conversation should be a give and take. Your date is not your adoring audience. Daters would be wise to remember this.

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