Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fetid dating pool around these parts, that's for sure!

My darling, wonderful, brilliant, funny, beautiful friend NPapaya (yes, also of guest-blogging fame over at Sassy Pants' place- Big Girl Underroos) is single. The only reason I can see why she's still single is that there's no one to date in these parts... But, I have to give her credit! She branches out! And she wades into dating pools I wouldn't touch with a mile-long pole. She give people I wouldn't look at once (let alone twice!) a chance. (Because she's a much nicer gal than me!)

She sent me the following:

"I get a sort of perverse pleasure out of seeing people who've tossed me aside or
deemed me unacceptable back on sites like Now, of course, I have to
concede that I am also still looking, but this is a side point to be addressed

Recently, I became nearly giddy at the sight of a familiar face - more than a
year ago I saw a decent looking fellow online. Not handsome to a fault, but this
was during my "think broadly" period. We happened to work in the same field and
I knew some people at his organization. He seemed worth exploring. After a few
emails we moved to the phone...both of us seemed willing to meet in person and
made plans to check calendars and talk within the week to confirm a time. On the
appointed day, I called and left a message. When a day or two went by I sent a
tentative email asking if all was ok and if he was still interested in getting
together. I never heard from him.

And now, months later, his insipid smile is at the bottom of my matches again.
At times like this I wish there was a dater's feedback option - where you can
leave a helpful heads-up for any others who might fall victim to this
half-hearted gigolo. What is he doing, racking up names and numbers and
reassuring himself that he's desirable, but never actually pursuing a

If only I was the type to name names..."

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