Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love that... that's what one of my colleagues calls my stories. I'm glad my personal life can be water cooler fodder!

On another note... no wretched dates lately or horrid emails. Hmmm... I'm feeling strangely bereft! Now I almost enjoy being verbally assaulted so that I can then share it with all of you!

Now, as you know, I wish there was a feedback button for online profiles... but what do you do when you wish you could give feedback in real life?

sigh Nothing I suppose. But there is a very nice guy in my office who is having no luck online... ("So, why don't YOU date him, Hypatia?" You're asking yourself... Well, for numerous reasons, not the least of which he has some habits that are absolute dealbreakers for me.)

But, I know there would be SOMEONE out there for him... if only....

1) I could get him to stand up straight
2) I could get him to have more confidence in himself
3)I could get him to stop dressing in beige (His coloring is pretty beige-ish anyway, so he just kind of blends into the wall...)
4) And, frankly, he's still a bit immature.... It's one thing to spend all your free time playing video games... it's another to put that on your profile.

I just want to play pygmalion with him. Is that so wrong? Would he take it badly? (Answer: probably!)

So, I'll keep my helpful suggestions to myself, I guess!

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