Saturday, September 6, 2008

Warning signs????

I recently re-signed up for Eharmony. Now, I'm not much of a fan of eharmony generally (don't like their stance on not allowing gay/lesbian members), but they were having a special and I'm desperate. (Especially since I was basically stood up today! But that's for another post...)

So, I've been emailing this guy on eharmony back and forth a few times and I'm thinking there are a few warning signs I should be heeding...

1) He likes Celine Dion
2) He likes Broadway musicals. Especially Rent
3) He likes chick flicks

Now this may not concern me so much if I didn't have a history of dating closeted gay men. And I mean A LOT of closeted gay men. (Apparently I make an excellent beard! Maybe because I'm so warm and caring they feel like they can be themselves with me! And that leads them to come out! That's what I'll keep telling myselt!)

So... do I give it a shot?

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