Friday, September 26, 2008

What! You mean you're not trying to sell me penis enlargement pills?

I received an email to my work address yesterday that contained the following:

From: Leif Jinks (not his real name, but close, and the same gist)
"Hi, would you be avalable to do somthing some time?"

My work email program blocks images so I assumed that this email must be spam, and I just wasn't getting the dirty bits. (total bummer, I assure you!)

Before sending it straight to the trash bin though, I thought I would look up this person's name in our school directory.

Surprise! Surprise! This person was in fact a real individual!

I then assumed that this person (since I had no inkling as to who this person was) must have mistakenly sent me this email, and intended it to go to someone else.

I looked up his department to see if he was a student or a staff member, and it turns out that he works in maintenance.

Oh. Lights are dawning. I had a desk delivered yesterday. oh.

I vaguely remember the guys who delivered it. I think I remember "Leif"... But, at the same time, I didn't say more than 2 sentences to him either-- and those sentences were "Don't put it too close to the wall, I need to plug in the computer." and "Thanks so much! I've been waiting for this! (Ok, I realize that last one could perhaps be interpreted as being overly flirtatious....)

So, on the one hand I felt like I should go out with him because:
#1) I never get asked out
#2) Hardly anyone ever gets up the nerve to ask someone out these days, which leads to a vicious circle of nobody dating.
#3) I felt like I should 'reward' his initiative.

On the other hand (and many thanks to NPapaya and KN for pointing this out)-- I could never be with someone who makes two simple mistakes in one sentence. (Well, and it was further pointed out that the fact that he didn't even introduce himself or say- "Hey, you may not remember me, but I delivered a desk to you..." in his email was very lame, and indicative of his overall lameness, and why waste time?)

On the third hand, it did make me smile.

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