Monday, September 22, 2008

I must like him more than I thought.

I rarely get excited or nervous about dating anymore. After all, what's to get excited about? Meeting one train wreck after another has given me interesting stories, but not much faith in this whole 'dating' thing.

I can't say my faith has improved any, but I've realized I must like eharmony guy (Hmmm..... I should get a better nickname for him... Let's call him Atlas. (it has to do with his job.) more than I thought I did.

Why? Because normally I don't care if I don't get a call back or an email... I just move on. (Which, frankly is what ya gotta do in these modern times. Awkward co-worker--mentioned in a post below-- and a beautiful, not-so-awkward- co-worker, have both gotten hung up on online people abruptly breaking off communication. Really, it's nothing personal, and you have to take it that way. It may not be nice, but it's the shark-infested dating pool we've got.)

But with Atlas... I sent him an email on Friday, and.... He didn't respond. And He didn't respond... and he didn't respo--- Oh! Wait. Yes he did. Phew... On Sunday.

So, that may be a perfectly reasonable time lapse for email communication. (After all, he spent the weekend hiking.) But, I was more surprised by my own reaction to it. Ugh. This must mean that I am actually hopeful because I actually like him.


This cannot end well.

We're going out on Friday.

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a nutt said...

Why is it that the time lapse between communications, like Friday to Sunday seems like an eternity? It's true of dating and job interview call backs and the call from your doctor telling you that you are not sick or dying of anything or the wait for the stick to show a plus sign. ARGH! I have been spoiled by my DVR fast forward button. I'm convinced of it!