Monday, September 29, 2008

What's that all about?

So.... I went out with Atlas on Friday night.... There were some good points---and an odd point....

So, the good points--

1) We had stuff to talk about (Though, I did perhaps monopolize the conversation. Bad me!)

2)He asked me out again....unprompted.... whoo hoo....!

3) (Best point! He gets kudos for this!) He arranged to have the bill paid in advance.... so at the end of the evening there was no awkward fumbling, no "Oh, let me get this..." kind of moment. The waiter came and was like "It's all taken care of."

Odd point-

It ended very early-- 9pm. And he seemed very eager to get out of there (I would have thought his pants were on fire!), and if he hadn't already asked me out again, I would have thought it was a "just not that into you" moment. It was really rather abrupt-- like-- "What time is it? Oh, I'd better be going" with no explanation (or forewarning!) about why he was leaving. Weird.

Anyone have thoughts as to what was going on? Sudden onset of indigestion? I welcome suggestions!


arf said...

maybe he has a show he loves to watch and hasn't joined the cult of DVR?

Hypatia said...

Nope. He actually doesn't even own a tv. Says he watches everything online.