Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because I'm a Modern Girl

It's been a slow week on the dating front. A few "winks" on the online profiles, but nothing interesting. Science guy hasn't been in touch, which I found a bit surprising given his attentiveness the previous week, but I haven't felt the need to call him up and say "What's up?" (I probably should but... eh. I just don't have the energy.) Muckraker gave me absolutely nothing to work with this week, and I've (pretty much) written him off. (I say pretty much because I know how weak I am and how easily I would give in if he turned the charm on again. Hey, at least I acknowledge it...! That's a step, right?) I ran into a mutual friend of ours at a party though, and she was fishing for info. She wants to find out what his deal is, but she's also trying to hook us up. I told her good luck, and that I'm not interested in being with someone who isn't clear about wanting to be with me.

So.... Basically nothing going on this week. Sorry!

In other news my boss... we'll call him Lex... has decided he has a thing for this girl who's in my grad program. Ugh. This girl is vacuous, 23, blonde, skinny, slutty and bitchy. Which totally explains why he likes her, right? I swear... I know these could be his issues (heaven knows he has a few), but it does make one lose hope in mankind. (Note: I am not interested in Lex, but frankly I think he needs to grow up when it comes to his taste in women... especially since he's said he's looking to "settle down." Believe me, this girl is not looking to "settle down", and frankly I'd doubt she'd give him the time of day. But apparently guys want girls who won't give them the time of day, so what do I know?)

I wasn't feeling down today so much as generally annoyed with the male half of the species. And so today in the grocery store when I saw the valentine's display next to the flower shop area, what did I do? I did what and modern girl would do--- I bought myself some flowers.

Yes, yes, in this economy to spend some money that I don't really have on something that is both ephemeral and unnecessary is perhaps stupid. Suze Orman would be upset with me that I took that $5 dollars and put it towards flowers instead of towards my credit cards, I'm sure. But it's symbolic... I'm worthy of flowers and I'm not going to wait around for someone else to acknowledge that. So if I have to buy my own damn flowers I will.

Even if I would much rather have someone else buy them for me.


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