Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm also kinda hating facebook right now...

Defriended! By Atlas! (Ok, that one doesn't hurt too bad... we were on good terms, but hadn't communicated since Oct I think?)

But.... A friend request ignored! By someone with whom I have had many pleasant interactions! And someone with whom I shared my sushi! SUSHI! I do not share my sushi lightly! I feel totally dissed! And humiliated to be non-friended!

Now I wonder if all our interactions have been a lie.... *sigh*.... I may as well go to the gorge and look deeply over the side...

(Ok, yes, overly dramatic-- but I am pissed by the ignoring of the friend request because based on interactions it was a pretty deliberate snub. I mean we shared sushi for God's sake!)

My insecure 15 year-old-self is making herself known. I know I shouldn't be bothered by this-- why the hell do I care if a friendly acquaintance doesn't want to be "friends" with me, right? But I really kinda hate all the grad students in my program right now. I need to stop hanging with them. I need to stop trying to be accepted by them. So I'll just go back to hating them all! Good plan, right?

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