Sunday, January 11, 2009

A boost, just when I needed one.

I was surprised when Science Guy IM'd me tonight. Yeah, he said he wanted to stay friends and hang out, but so did Atlas, and he hasn't been calling me to say, "Let's get sushi sometime soon." (Heh. Ok, that was kind of mean.)

It was 1am and I wasn't really feeling up to talking, but to be polite (and since I was still puttering around online) I started chatting back and forth. We talked about the weekend, and I happened to mention that I was disappointed by some friends not coming to an outing I had planned--and particularly frustrated with one friend in particular (muckraker) who bailed very early and had been weirdly hot-and-cold the week before.

Science guy asked me if I had a thing for this guy (meaning muckraker). I said that I might have had except I didn't feel fond of him now, and that I wanted someone who could act like a grown-ass man and be consistent in the way he acts with me.

Science guy responded by saying, "I bet he's intimidated by you."

My response was, "No way. He's a very accomplished guy."

Science guy (basically) said, "So are you, and you're intimidating.I think he's nervous around you."

I said, "Me? I'm not intimidating! And this guy is not a nervous kind of guy."

Science guy said, "ok, but when I first met you came off as this well read woman interested in art, culture, books, music, etc. You came across as one of those New York women I would never think of approaching. I felt like you were out of my league."

I replied, "That's funny! I thought you were out of my league!"

Science guy responded, "Don't put me or this guy on a pedestal. You are very accomplished."

* * *

So. Huh. Right? Well, that certainly makes me feel better. While I don't agree with his assessment of Muckraker (other than the fact that I shouldn't put him on a pedestal-- no worries about that, he's been firmly knocked off. Yeah, his books are amazing, but he's been acting like a schmuck in real life, and that's what counts.) It certainly amazes me to think that science guy felt like I was out of his league.

I just don't even know what to make of that my mind is boggling so much. Huh.


Nothing better for a compliment from an impartial source when you're down in the dumps.*

*(Yes, Npapaya and others were also very kind to me, but I know they're inordinately fond of me anyways and so they'll always say kind things to me. It's appreciated, but I can't help but think they don't see me clearly. My issues... I know, I know...)

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