Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm such a snob!

I was contacted by a guy who is cute and able to write in complete sentences and has no red flags in his first email to me and he lives 5 minutes away.

All in all a great prospect, right? Certainly enough to warrant a coffee date.... except.... except....

I'm such a snob.

He's 32 and working on an associate's degree in business administration. Basically he's going to school to be a secretary.

God, I'm going straight to hell because I'm such a snob!!! Education is such an important issue to me!

I should give him a shot right? On the other hand, I feel like this is something I just would not be able to get over, and that I'd have nothing in common with someone who didn't value education (though I know I'm making assumptions-- I suppose he could have been working in construction to put his 4 siblings through school after his parents died or something, in which case I would feel like total shit.)

So, I should at least give it a coffee date, right? Right?

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