Monday, January 12, 2009

Just "friends," Right?

Science guy gave me a call tonight. Just to see how I was doing, and to see if I was feeling better than yesterday. We made small talk. It was nice.

I don't know if he's simply calling because he still doesn't really know anyone around here, but it was nice of him to do so. We've agreed to be just friends (Not that we were ever anything else mind you, but the potential to be something else was there since we did meet on a dating site.)

His attentiveness is a pretty sharp contrast to the lack of attention muckraker has shown me. It's a good contrast in a way because it teaches me that I should be able to expect that, right? That I have a right to expect someone who claims to like me, who claims to be my friend, to call and ask how my day was... to send a funny email because they were thinking of me... to go for a walk to the post office for no other reason than to keep me company.

Those are the things I expect of my friend friends, right? So why would I be willing to settle for less from someone with whom I would want to be more than just friends?

I'm not, and I won't.

So thanks, Science guy, for reminding me of that.

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