Monday, January 12, 2009

Yes, Yes, I know he's just not that into me...

Muckraker again proved just how NOT into me he is by virtually ignoring me in class today.

Let's see... Npapaya, Ro, Jan, Nell, Di, Kay, Megs (and probably many of you out there) have a uniform response. "We don't like him." "He's just not that into you!" "Don't waste your time!"

And as Ro said... "If you value our opinions at all, you'll move on."

I do. And I am.


No, really, I am.


I swear, I totally am.


But, like I told Nell... I'd feel really bad if there was something going on in his life-- like his mom is sick or something-- that is distracting him. So, ---mmmmaaaayyybbbeee--- I could give him one last shot, before I'm like "DONE!" ????

(Ok, yes, I can hear the collective heads hitting the desks. Yes, even I know this excuse is TOTALLY feeble.)

Ro says to me, "I've known guys like him-- they get off on the attention, and the moment you stop giving it to him he'll be all back into you again." (Which is more than likely true, I know. And if he were to demonstrate a massive amount of interest again? I can't say I wouldn't fall for it again. I could lie and say I'm stronger than that... But it would be a lie and y'all would see right through me.)

I think a big part of it that makes me want to hold out and hope has to do with the books he wrote. Really, they were beautiful and sensitive! And I have trouble picturing someone able to write those things being a complete dolt! I know it's entirely possible, but somehow that's the reason I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.


That, and the fact that there are no good prospects around here!


Yes, I know it seems like I date a lot, but the amount of effort it takes for me to date that much is excruciating! And exhausting! And the prospects are so dismal!

Which is a big part of the reason I'm so reluctant to let go of this one, I know. There are so many things right about him.

Oh, yea... except for that one little thing wrong with him.... that he's demonstrated that he's just not that into me.

THUNK! kjsf92035r830 5uiodfjn dls
{Yes, that was the sound of my head hitting the keyboard.}

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