Monday, January 5, 2009

Seriously? Seriously. Can I use you as a reference, btw?

While I was in the middle of composing my next post (which you will see in oh-say-30 minutes or so. I know you'll be hitting the refresh button incessantly in anticipation...) Science guy came up on my IM.

We were chatting amicably back and forth, I mentioned I had thought about ringing him for dinner tonight, etc. And then I mentioned that one of my friends recently used the same (unusual) turn of phrase to describe something that he had. I wondered if he knew her, I asked. His response? No, but I might like to! Is she hot? and single?

{hang head, roll eyes and go reread my advice }

Since this is only the -oh- 20th or so time he's said something like this (yes, exaggeration, but that's what it feels like.) I got annoyed.

I responded- "Do you have any hot guys at your office you can set me up with?"

We went back and forth a few times and finally I just said to him-- Look, I have no illusions about whether or not you may find someone else attractive, but I'm hurt (and I think any other girl would be) to have you say so directly to me. It implies that you don't find me attractive enough. Those are thoughts I think you should keep to yourself.

(Am I wrong here? I seriously don't think so.)

We talked some more and he was finally like, "I think our personalities just don't mesh well enough to make this work." Which, as much as I like him, I have to agree with that.

He did say he still wanted to be friends and that he thought I was "a great woman" and friendly, and helpful, etc. etc. and that he would still like to be friends. He asked if we were still on for this weekend, because he'd like to hang out still.

So, that's pretty good right? I have to say, I always end things on a high note...! Ha. You think I have more good karma headed my way?

Science guy really does seem like a nice guy, but he was right that our personalities just didn't click well enough for anything serious I think.

Anyone with a high tolerance for off-color jokes want his number?

Also, do you think I can use both him and atlas as good references for future dates? Ha!

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