Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mistakes Were Made

Science guy knows about the blog. Well. Not THIS blog, but he knows there is A blog.

It kinda came out by accident...He asked me, oh so casually why I was on {random dating site, not the one we met on}. Like a deer in the headlights I blurted out the most innocuous answer I could think of... "It's for my blog."


Nevermind that him seeing me on that dating site meant HE was on that dating site too.... (Yes, I did ask him that when I came to my senses... His response? "Um, I'm looking for friendship." Uh, huh. I think my response was better.)*

*(Side note: Yes I know that I'm looking elsewhere, and yes I have been assuming that he is too, however I do feel like it's bad form to actually SAY so, you know what I mean? Let's keep up the illusion at least that you like me so much that you simply can't imagine looking elsewhere. I mean, hell-- I feel like I'm polite enough to be doing that! Am I wrong? Would it be better on a guy's ego to say-- "You know what Science guy? I like you. I think you're cute, and smart, and funny (even if there are some red flags). But you know who I like better than you? Muckraker. (Or even Atlas for a time.), So, I'll keep seeing you, because I don't know where things are going with those other guys, but in the meantime I'll bring them up ever so casually in conversation, just to keep you off-balance and guessing." I mean, seriously-- Is that just me? Or is that rude?)

Anyhoo-- to give him fair shakes, Science Guy was a little annoyed at being the subject of a blog. To which I told him, "Look, I haven't said anything bad about you. I've been pretty complimentary. I'll continue to be so unless you turn into an asshole, in which case you'll have no one to blame but yourself." Am I right? Or am I right?

So, we made plans to get together tomorrow, and then realized the timing wouldn't work around my other plans. So made plans tentatively for Tuesday... but then realized that might not work because of his work schedule... then made plans kinda for Friday, but couldn't agree on what to do... So where does that leave us? At the moment, Plan-less.

He did ask if I wanted to get together for Christmas. I felt kind of guilty-- I mean, yes, I'm complaining about hanging out with my family for Christmas, but at the same time it's kind of obligatory.

He doesn't celebrate Christmas, but he also has no family and no friends in the area yet, so I felt kind of bad. I suppose I could have invited him to be with my family but that would just have been all kinds of awkward.

So, where does that leave things? Not sure.... Super helpful, I know.

I don't know-- Do people think there are ethical issues involved about writing about people who don't know they're being written about? Maybe-- Though I do take pains to hide their identities, and I think that most of them wouldn't recognize themselves on here unless they were explicitly told they were being written about.

I think about people potentially writing about me. (Well, I don't think I'm nearly interesting enough, but it's possible I suppose.) I think that as long as it was anonymous, and I remained oblivious I'd be ok with it. However, I will acknowledge I did not do a good job of keeping Science Guy oblivious-- My bad!

I also gave Science Guy my real phone number (as opposed to work extension.) This may also have been a mistake. I don't think he is/will turn into a crazy ass stalker, but when I gave him my number he said, "I've given all the girls in NH my real number! That's not fair."

Anyone else catch the red flag there? "All the girls"? Come on, dude! You're ruining the illusion! I'm supposed to be the only one you want! (At the very least the only one you want when you're talking to ME!)

Sheesh! Do I have to teach you everything!?!?

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