Saturday, December 13, 2008


I had a date with Science Guy today. He seems perfectly nice and I do find him attractive... but... (shrug)... Meh.

No, that's not (just) because I'm hung up Muckraker. Even if that wasn't the case I don't know that I would be into Science guy.

I might still give him another chance or two, since there are things I do like about him, but I don't see it going far.

In other news I heard from a mutual friend that Muckraker is leaving for winter break on Monday. (I also heard confirmation from that mutual friend that yes, Muckraker is single.) I admit I'm fairly annoyed he hasn't been in touch. *sigh*

Well, in any situation I think there's always one person who is more into someone than that someone is into them. It just sucks that in this case that person is *me*!

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