Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 messages too many...

I was contacted by a guy a few weeks ago. He seemed fairly cute and reasonable in his profile on Yahoo. I don't subscribe to yahoo, but that's not usually a problem. When I'm contacted by someone I like, I usually send back a free "wink" and the person on the other end usually gets the hint and sends back their email address.

So, that's what I did with this guy. And he didn't get the hint. And now I'm sooooo glad he didn't. Because I sure as hell now know why he's single!

10 messages in two weeks. TEN!!!!to someone who has never written you back! Each message increasing in intensity and craziness! TEN! Each message getting longer and longer about how we're soulmates and destined to be together and how he only has to look into my eyes (um... on the fucking computer screen!) to know it!

SCARY! Thank god we didn't ACTUALLY meet! Or communicate! I can practically see the Lifetime movie of the week now... "She thought he was prince charming, but he was the devil in disguise... he thought she was his soulmate, he could see it in her eyes... Dangerous Love, Fatal Obsession this week... only on Lifetime..."

There is an awful lot of crazy out there in the world, let me tell you!

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