Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes? No? Maybe?

Science guy asked me out again today... (in the most lukewarm way possible...)

Not really sure what's up with that since he didn't seem really inclined to hang out after our last date. (We met for a movie... and NOTHING else, not even coffee or anything to discuss the movie, even though I hinted at it. And since we didn't do anything but see the movie, I couldn't have done anything that would have turned him off. I didn't stink. I promise. :- p )

And he waited a week to ask me. And he asked me to do something this afternoon.... via email... and I had plans. (Well, plans to stay in my pjs anyway.)

I don't know. I'll probably tell him we can get together sometime over winter break. Yes, I'm still so mooney-eyed over Muckraker that there's not really anyone else I want to give a chance to, but since this guy seems rather lukewarm about me too-- who knows, it might be the start of something beautiful.


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