Monday, December 15, 2008

Should I be a 5th grade girl?

I got a note from our department administrator letting me know that I got a much-coveted spot in an Environmental Studies class. There is a line out the wazoo to get into this class because it fulfills a very specific requirement that is needed in order to graduate.

Given the demand for the course I had planned on taking a different course-- one I'm actually very excited about as it's on feminism and gender history in the 1950s. the Environment? meh. I just need the credit for the requirement.

However, many of my lovely friends are taking the class, so I thought it wouldn't be bad to take, so I put myself on the waiting list.

Then the term schedule came out.

The Environmental studies class is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10-12noon. In addition, it requires an extra term paper from the 1950s course. The 1950s course is only on Thursdays from 10-1:30. (Pretty nice, right?)

So, I wasn't bummed about not getting into the Environmental course, other than having to wait until the summer to fulfill this stupid requirement (But that won't keep me from graduating on time or anything, it's just a pain because I don't know what will be offered in the summer yet to fulfill this requirement.)

So why am I now considering taking this course?

Award yourself 10 points if you said "Because Muckraker is taking it."

*Sigh* (I am so pathetic. I totally recognize that. Never mind that he's not been in touch with me at all since last Monday!!! (WTF! Seriously!))

Ok, so I don't have to make a decision until the 1st week of classes, at which point I have to drop one, so I've got awhile to stew on this. I could potentially take the 1950s course as an independent study. However, if I take the Environmental course I don't have to declare a "major" until the summer (as opposed to taking the 1950s course, which would mean I have to declare now... it's weird and complicated, I know. And STOOOPID.)

But yes, really the 1950s course is just slightly tipping the balance... until you add in the (torturous????) prospect of seeing Muckraker 3 times/week for 2 hours, in which case the Environmental course makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Sooo Stooopid! So 5th grade!!

So. Which one do I take?

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