Sunday, January 18, 2009

Men Make NO Sense

I went to the movies, as previously mentioned, with a few friends today. Included in that group was Science Guy.

(Muckraker did not attend... I did not expect him to, though he was invited, but I did spy him wandering around town a bit later that day. Seriously, what a tool. So done with him.... well, mostly. Given that I still have 7 weeks of classes left with him, I'm sure he (and his nonsensical behaviour) will make a few more appearances in this blog.)

Interestingly enough, I would not have included Science guy in the invite had he not made it clear that he "just wanted to be friends." Because really? Unless I want the scrutiny of my friends, or unless I'm serious about someone, I don't really introduce them to my inner circle. Introducing a "friend" to my friends though? Sure, why not...

We all went out for a drink after the movie, and it was perfectly pleasant if a bit subdued. We all went our separate ways afterward, and I went out grocery shopping-- not realizing that my phone was still on vibrate because I'd turned it off for the movie.

I got home, started making a pretty complicated dinner, and saw that Science guy had called. I was online and saw him there, and we started chatting. Turns out he was calling to ask me to dinner. Since I was in the process of making dinner, that was out of the question, but Science Guy kept asking if I wanted to go out, or if he could come over. (No, and NO.)

I tried to put him off to next weekend (frankly, I don't have much energy to be hanging out with people in the "getting to know you" phase right now), but he kept asking, "When can I get some time with you? I know you're busy, but I really want to see you." He said that a few times actually, "I really want to see you."

Nice, huh? Except... we're just friends, right?

Well, I told him we could have lunch tomorrow, so he's going to pick me up at work and we'll have lunch outside of town.

I love his attentiveness, I really do. (And it doesn't come across as creepy/stalkerish-- if it did, I would cut him off ASAP.) And he seems very nice...

But the truth is that I was relieved when he told me he only wanted to be friends because that was what I was feeling as well. (Yes, though I was only feeling that because I was so hung up on muckraker. Not much has changed. I'm still hung up on muckraker, and as a result I still want to be "just friends" with Science Guy.)

I don't think I'm wrong in thinking Science Guy wants to be more than friends, am I? He is being awfully persistent for a "friend."

Who knows though. Men make no sense. I've given up. I know the cliche is that men don't know what women want, but really we're very easy to read if you -- ya know-- pay attention. (Most men don't pay attention, which is where they get into trouble, I find.)

But men? I get the feeling that they change their minds the way the wind changes direction, and for about as much reason-- (which is to say, none.)

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