Friday, March 20, 2009

Apparently, it's a Trend:

Why some other people are single!

"Lane says:

I'm alone because I can stand it and even sometimes like it, so I won't go out and beat the bushes for some nice enough fellow who votes Republican and belches so loud I jump, but who doesn't make me smile enough to put up with strange noises and smells.

She, like me, is alone because rather than find someone nice enough to keep from being alone, she'd rather hold out for special. Special doesn't walk by every day.

She also thinks she's alone because, at least to a degree, she's too used to being alone and not having to justify the weird shit you do when you're alone.

I'm alone because I 'm now used to getting up when I want and drinking from the juice bottles and not shaving my legs and leaving dishes from the night before on my bed and getting up at 3am and seeing a movie and going back to bed at 5am and not hearing a word of scorn.

I think she forgot "peeing with the bathroom door open."

She's alone because she isn't scared to be without someone because she has a life that makes her happy"

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