Saturday, March 14, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes

I got together with some friends this week at what has been our "usual" once-weekly gathering at a local eatery. Muckraker was briefly back in town (as you may recall, he's gone until the summer,) and he went with a bunch of the guys to a different restaurant. All the girls ended up at our "usual" place, but the guys joined us briefly later in the evening.

Sitting with me was a girl I didn't know very well though we've had a few classes together-- We'll call her SJ. She's a young grad student-- 22-- (Most of us are closer to the 30 mark. Ouch.) When she saw the guys come in, and saw Muckraker coming to talk to us, she rolled her eyes at me, and whispered, "I can't stand him."

Curious, I asked her, "Why not?"

Well, she proceeded to recount what I've come to realize is his M.O. -- He comes on really strong, but really cold at the same time, he seems very calculated-- like he's up to something, like he's working an angle, he's rude and inconsiderate, etc. etc.
(I know, I know, given such charming traits, WHY am I so into him? Well, he has many admirable qualities as well... I'm still holding out for those. Even though I'm totally done with him... I know, I know. Sigh.)

So, yes, I can't dispute any of those things, and pretty much had to agree with her across the board. She also added something that was more than a little odd-- She stated that Muckraker had been meddling in her life in a really paternalistic way-- going to a guy she's been kind of seeing (who is an utter asshole), and telling him to stay away from SJ, that's she's too young and doesn't know what she's getting into.
Wow-- Massive levels of inappropriateness there. Yeah, she may be making a mistake (she totally is.) but it's her mistake to make. I've said my piece to SJ as well about the idiot she's sorta seeing/being used by, but I've said it TO her, and left it at that. If she wants to make a mistake, well-- it's her life. And 22 is not that young. (Besides, what's the point of being 22 if you can't make mistakes, right?)

I was very amused though that SJ totally pegged Muckraker... much earlier than I was able to. I don't dislike him, but I think I see him much more clearly now. (And yes, Npapaya & Meg Supergirl (She's insisting on being called Supergirl now) were able to see this shady behaviour much earlier than I was able to see it.)

So, that's that. He's gone now until June, so plenty of time to forget him... Right?

Oh. If only he wouldn't show up in all sorts of things... like ads from bookstores! And prominent displays in those stores! And in my newspaper! and on my tv!


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