Monday, March 23, 2009

Wait, you told your MOTHER about me?

So, Npapay & Supergirl are convinced that Science Guy is still into me, but I have to take him at his word when he says he wants to be "just friends." (Even though he called me a "10" in terms of attractiveness this evening. And he wants to get together to see a movie this weekend...)

But. Ok. We'll be "just friends." That works.
(I'm actually having a rather lot of fun being 'just friends' with him. I am surprising myself.)

So, he's telling me that his mother is visiting in May, and that when I meet her I shouldn't mention where a certain store is because she'll want to go there.

I was all like-- "Well, chances are I'm not going to meet her anyways..."

His response? "Oh, no. You should meet her. She knows all about you."

Wait. What? WHAT?

I asked, "What have you told her?"

He said, "Everything."

I said, "So, she must think I'm a horrible bitch!"

He said, "No, I've told her you're fantastic! You've been a great friend to me."




Is this normal behaviour?

I have no clue.


arf said...

so he's BFF with his mom eh?

Hypatia said...

MmmHmm. Yes. Very suspect.