Sunday, March 1, 2009

No, that was NOT a good joke.

HI and hello,how are you? you are a funny girl i like that. you have very pretty green
eyes. i love a good joke. i was just wondering what your age limit was, cuz otherwise i
should be contacting your mom right? lol! i didn't know how this plenty of fish works,
but i would like to leave you my contact number if i could. if you would like to talk, its
XXX-XXX-XXXX. i wold love to hear one of your good jokes! Oh and the dishes thing,
i got stuck doing that all my life, so i am use to that. o.k i have a joke. what dose a
pair of panty hose,and the Taliban have in common? they both bother bush!!! i hate
george bush,i wish that shoe would of nailed him in the mouth! anyways hope to hear
from you, and i hope that it was a good joke. take care!

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