Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I don't troll for guys on craigslist...

(Well, not often anyway!)

Check out this fun list some smart girl has compiled!

?I am looking for a woman who takes care of her self? I would hope that would be one of your requirements. I can?t see someone asking for a woman who doesn?t shower? Doesn?t buy clothing that fits? Doesn?t pay her bills? I?m confused.

?i want to look into your eyes and tell you how much more beautiful they are than the stars.? Weed and Craigslist ads do NOT mix! Stop making me vomit. Punch me in the face or something instead?Jeez.

?I am looking to meet some one special that would like to start as friends and build from there.? Really? Because I prefer marriage immediately. F this friends sh*t.

?I also want to get to meeting without 6 mos. of useless messeges? Would 5 months be ok? I?m not sure if I?ll be able to tell if you?re genuinely not a serial killer until then.

?im only five eight 130lbs so no big girls or bbws? I dub this the ?no fatties? clause. Don?t you know big girls is [sic] freaks!?!11?! And eww, 130? I think my 95yo grandmother weighs more than that.

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