Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't let your fears choose your destiny.

That line above is a random quote pulled off the interwebs, but it rather resonated with me. I know that I probably let my fears make my decisions too many times.

Well, as you know I was debating as to whether or not to contact eharmony dude (no nickname. Yet. ) though our internal company email system. (For those who didn't read the previous post, I don't subscribe to eharmony, but this guy seemed interesting. I could communicate or see his profile pics, but based on where he works I figured out who he is and got a hold of his company address.)

Nell stopped by my office today, as did Npapaya, and I was telling them this story. Nell asked me who it was... and... it turns out she knows him. Kinda. Turns out that one of her friends had dated him briefly (and was now really regretting having dumped him.) Nell had only met him a few times, but she said he was an absolute sweetheart, really kind, thoughtful, generous, etc. (So much so that her nearly-engaged friend is having second thoughts because she's still thinking about eharmony dude.)

Well. That's a pretty good reference! It was enough for me to contemplate outing my stalkerish self, and contacting him. Nell & Npapaya egged me on. (Well, Npapaya kinda did dictation. (it was much appreciated!) and I wrote him a short (but hopefully funny!) and sweet note, introducing myself, how I'd found him, and let him know that I found him interesting.

The ball is now in his court.

I sent that around 3:30... it's now almost 6pm. Nothing. Nada. Zip. He had to have gotten it.


oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I just hope I don't run into him in the street. Or the coffee shop. Or one of the 3 restaurants in town.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm probably going to back into his car tomorrow. What can I say. It's a small town.