Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's really grown on me

I had a long chat with Science guy tonight. Unfortunately it was over the phone... I would have preferred that it be in person. I've been thinking about him a lot the past few days... really missing being with him actually, which has surprised me. All I know is that I was feeling down tonight, and he's the one I wanted to be with.

I think he likes me in that way still.... but, well, it's still hard to tell since the last few times he's been the one to say- "Let's just be friends." And now that I'm finding myself really into him, I'm worrying that he may be totally over me.

Maybe it's too late and I blew my chance already? I mentioned perhaps doing something with him this weekend, but that my family was going up to the lake camp, and I wasn't sure if I should join them. He said he thought I should go with my family. I thought about inviting him to go to the cabin, but ... that might be would be totally awkward, given that I've never introduced ANYONE to my family.... and science guy & I are at a totally ambiguous place right now.

I still really want to spend time with him this weekend though.

Apparently he also goes to a coffee shop just a block from my work every day at 7am (Which is crazy because it means he has to drive several miles past where he works to go there.) He told me I should join him for breakfast.... Too bad that will NEVER happen. I'm still totally conked out and in bed at 7am. (Though, I'm starting to think he might just go there to see Npapaya, since that's HER morning place. Hmmm. Suspicious.) I told him he should come to my house and bring me coffee tomorrow. He just laughed. Sadness!

He might come over for dinner on Thursday though. (Hmmm. Maybe I can get him to spend the night? Hopeful thoughts... ;-)

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