Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of my league... in one way at least

I just got contacted by a guy on plenty of fish. (Now, mind you, I just keep a profile up there for blog fodder purposes these days because most of those guys on there are CRAZY.)

This guy's email was short, and nice, and used proper grammar--all pluses! So I wandered over to his profile.

His profile was actually quite good in the written section (and we know how hard that can be!) Funny, introspective, not-overly high on himself, yet illustrating his good qualities. All in all, yes, I would respond to this person. (Though, he doesn't have a college education, which is something I find problematic. Classist perhaps, but there you have it.)

And then the pictures....

This guy is good looking. Like, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Yet, the problem is that he's stereotypically good looking-- out of my league good looking. Not really my type because these guys tend to be incredibly shallow and want to date supermodels- good looking.

I know, I know... I can't fault the guy for being ridiculously good looking, right? But can I fault him for the cheesy zoolander-esque pictures at least? Of him in a wifebeater... of him riding a horse bareback... of him weight lifting... of him extreme skiing... of him mountain climbing...of him on the cover of a skiing magazine... of him looking strongly off in the distance with his cleft chin jutting out as he stands atop a mountain? Seems a bit... much.

Especially as I am just about the least athletic person you could possibly meet. If fact, I'm ashamed to say that I am a complete couch potato & a junk food junkie... (And more that a little plump. No need to be crane lifted out of my house... but there you have it.)

And so, I'm really surprised a guy like that would contact me... especially since I haven't updated my POF profile in a long time-- and I realized that the picture of me on there is of me about 20+ pounds heavier than I am now... and yet he still contacted me. And his profile actually makes mention of the fact that even though he's athletic, he's not necessarily looking for the same thing. Huh.


So, you'll be glad to know that I didn't hold his ridiculously good looks against him, and I told him we could get together when he comes back to town.

To leave you with some idea of how out there he is... here's a video of the type of skiing he does. (Extreme heli-skiing)

I can already tell you this is going to go nowhere... but it should be an interesting meeting in any case.


Anonymous said...

man, just go out with him and have fun.

don't worry about the weight thing! unless he starts playing "goodbye horses." if that happens, RUN.

arf said...

Seconded. Enjoy it.

Perpetua said...

Thirded! If anything, he has more to worry about. He posted pics of his magazine cover? Dork. :)

Hypatia said...

I think I'll be amused at least.

Also, yes... very cheesy guy for posting the ski mag cover. That, and all of his other pictures too....

When I likened him to Zoolander, I wasn't kidding! In every one of his pictures seems to be practicing his "blue steel" look.

So, when I said he's goodlooking--- I should have specified that it's pretty obvious he finds himself very good looking. I find him totally zoolanderish.

This should be amusing.