Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How do I know you again?

I saw someone on okcupid who seemed cute, and we had a high match percentage. I thought about contacting him, and as I was looking at his profile I realized he seemed very familiar, but I couldn't quite place him.

Given the interconnected web of people in this town I thought it was best to hold off on communicating until I could figure out how I knew him. Boy, I'm glad I did!

I was talking to Npapaya about the poor guy I blew off (see previous entry!), and she said, "Oh, is that the guy I saw you with at the bookstore."

Yes, in fact that guy was... but that made me remember another guy I met at the bookstore (yes, it does happen to be my #1 first meeting location because it has the best coffee in town and because it provides an easy escape if things are not working out.) And I realized that the guy who seemed familiar on okcupid was someone I had met about a year ago for a coffee date at the bookstore.

I also remembered why things did not work out...

1) He showed up to the "date" looking like he'd just rolled out of bed. (It turned out he had, he confessed in the conversation.) He was wearing dirty & holey sweats, and teva sandals with socks. EWWW.

2) In spite of his terrible attire which indicated he had not had the time to change his clothes or even shower that morning he had found time to .... put on eyeliner.

3) As we spoke, it became increasingly clear to me that he was secretly gay and totally in love with his roommate. (You know that way that people have of name-dropping the name of the person they're obssessed with ever-so-casually? (Not that I have ever done this... nope. No siree...) Yeah, he was totally doing that, in addition to mentioning how He and his roommate would go away for long weekends to B&Bs, or go and take special trips to see Broadway shows together. I mean, not to go all stereotypical... but really? REALLY?)

So, what's the moral of this story? I don't know. Move to a bigger town maybe? Stop dating gay men? (That one would be a good start. It's really easy to have a fantasy relationship with my gay bffs. Recently one of my friends-- we'll call him Quebecois-- has found it very amusing to introduce me to everyone as his wife. He also proceeded to drag me into a jewelry shop and made me try on engagement rings while telling the salesperson how in love we were and all about our imaginary wedding plans. This is evidently how he enlivens his day. Awkward! I could have killed him.)


arf said...

I can't believe you thought shopping for an engagement ring with a gay BFF was awkward.

I can only imagine it'd be way more fun, and less awkward than shopping for a ring with some straight man friend.

Hypatia said...

Yes, I stand corrected!