Thursday, June 4, 2009

A real winner!

This one was sent to Npapaya.... Poor Npapaya! Sorry, babe! :-( Sucks for you... amusing for the interwebs!

I'm very unconventional and in need of a female friend 2 share pleasure with most
importantly, but i need friends as wel. yes, i'm married, i won't lie about it,
and love my wife, but we haven't had a sexual relationship for over 10 years.
have always had an open marriage as musicians,but now that she's lost her sex
drive, and she's actually relieved not 2 have 2 battle with the conflicting
feelings and demons that still can haunt her, due at least partly 2 having been
molested as a pre-teen by step relatives many times, so i'm on my own looking 4
intimacy and have so much passion in me i need 2 share. i'm unbelieveably young
in every way for my age, and very oral (giving a woman oral makes me very high),
prefer 2 develop a relationship with a lover, but NEED and will have sex as
well, and, having been a musician, have engaged in many sexual situations
including group sex, although i should mention that i am straight, but am very
turned on by bi-sexual women. no longer able 2 get at least some of my passion
out! i need 2 get it out. i'm open 2 interesting, intelligent women i can learn
from and share ideas with.

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